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VOCYA can broadcast live your public information meetings, your workshops, your openings for all those who can not be physically present.

You benefit a modern communication tool complementary to what you already have.

Since the broadcast is recorded, you allow more people to enjoy your communication actions.

It Gives a better way to use personal and collective initiatives of any kind whatsoever.

Features :

You have a dedicated and customized channel painted to your brand colors. It allows to stream all your events without any limits. You manage the schedule of your channel yourself : title, datetime, expected duration, purpose, privacy seetings... You also define the level of privacy. You can schedule one diffusion with a private audience and another one open to a wider audience within the same channel.

You may invite people to subscribe to your channel or to a particular broadcast through the emailing tool. You can also set your broadcast in order to confirm each viewer. You can remind the schedule via SMS or email to all registered and schedule a survey at the end of broadcast.

Before and during the broadcast, users can comment live the event and ask written questions to the speakers.

During the broadcast of after its end, you can define chapters at key moments to allow a faster replay.
Through the function of moderation, you can decide to publish or not the comments and questions.

Technics :

To video broadcast an event, Internet access is only required. It should be broadband access at 500 kbps minimum for acceptable quality. For video, you must must have a camcorder and VOCYA Box Encoder preconfigured on your channel.
A microphone for each speaker is highly recommanded or a complete sound system.

Higher your bandwidth is, more important the quality of the video will be. Nevertheless, even with a low bandwidth, you get an optimal recording quality thanks to VOCYA Box Encoder.

Just connect the camcorder to the VOCYA Box Encoder, start broadcast from any computer and let' go.

Rates :

To assist you in long term, we offer a subscription service. We allocate one or more channels which give capability to connect simultaneously a high number of viewers starting from 50.
Through subscription, you keep your settings, your contents and you own channel subscribers.
If you have several channels, we mutualise the resources beetwen every channel. If you occasionally need a greater capacity, we adjust the features to meet your needs.

For your important or special events, we provide a turnkey service in addition to your subscription or if you do not have a subscription, we allocate a channel for the duration of your event.

With or without subscription, you are the owner your contents and you can transfer them elsewhere if you wish.

For more information on our rates, contact us,