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VOCYA allows presentation of products or concepts to a large number of viewers from a single computer connected to the Internet.

You show in real-time your visuals : slides, drawings, photopgaphs simultaneously as you comment them.

Since the sessions are recorded, you allow those who missed the live to enjoy it anyway.

Features :

You have a dedicated and customized channel painted to your brand colors. It allows to publish all your sessions without any limits. You manage your sessions channel yourself : title, datetime, expected duration, purpose, seetings... You also define the level of privacy. You can schedule one broadcast with a private audience and another one open to a wider audience within the same channel.

You may invite people to subscribe to your channel or to a particular webinar through the emailing tool. You can also set your webinar in order to confirm each viewer. You may monetize your webinar by resquesting a fee to access to the meeting.
You can remind the schedule via SMS or email to all registered and schedule a survey at the end of broadcast.

Before and during the broadcast, users can comment or ask questions to the speaker, live, by text or by phone. Presenter or modetator may chose to answer a question to the sender only or to publish the comment/question to every viewer and answer it live.

You benefit from a large number of additonal functions such as quiz, screen sharing...

Technics :

To start a session, Internet access is only required. It should be broadband access from 100 kbps minimim for acceptable audio to 500 kbps if you wish to turn on your webcam.

Start by loading the slides you need and when people are connected, start the webinar session and let's go.

Rates :

The service is available as subscription . This provides the ability to connect at least 25 users simultaneously and keep all your settings, your subscriber base as well as the immediate and unlimited replay all your sessions.

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