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VOCYA allows to perform interactive web conferences to a group of identified attendees.

A manager allows people to speeak, shows documents or shares their screen. If people want to speak, they can send the text message or raise their virtual hand.

This service is well adapted to group works or virtual class rooms

Features :

You have a dedicated and customized channel painted to your brand colors. It allows to schedule web conferences to people registered on your channel without any limits. You manage your webconference channel yourself: title, datetime, expected duration, purpose, seetings... You also define the level of privacy. You also define the level of privacy. You can schedule one with a private audience and another one open to a wider audience within the same channel.
You may invite people to subscribe to your channel or to a particular webconference through the emailing tool. You can also set your webconference in order to confirm each viewer. You may monetize your webconference by resquesting a fee to access to the meeting. You can reminder the webconference via SMS or email to all registered and schedule a survey at the end of webconference.

You benefit to a large number of additonal functions such as phone access, chat, white board, screen sharing...

Technics :

To attend to a web conference,Internet access is only required. It must be broadband Internet if you whish to turn on your webcam.

You can start as soon as the attendees are connected. The chat messages can be stored and copied after the conference by every attendee.

Rates :

The service is available as subscription.
This offers the possibility to connect a maximum number of simultaneously active attendees from 10.

It includes all the features unlimited in duration or frequency.

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