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The Images et Réseaux cluster brings together manufacturers and researchers in the Brittany and Pays-de-la-Loire regions in order to enhance the area’s competitiveness and attractiveness in the media and networks field. Their ambition: to build up a research, development and innovation world-leading cluster.
The Images et Réseaux cluster is an association whose members share the same vision: a revolution in uses, based on the new digital imaging technologies and the new content distribution networks. Within the Cluster, the players from industry and research combine their forces to imagine future needs and provide solutions. They work jointly on research and development projects seen as the main driving force behind growth and jobs.
The Rennes Atalante Association was set up in 1984 by Greater Rennes Council (Rennes Métropole) at the same time as the Science & Technology Park. Seen as a means to economic development through innovation and technologies, its aim is to stimulate the expansion and location of technology companies in the Ille et Vilaine area and to encourage the start-up of new activities with high added value.
Rennes Atalante represents a system in which researchers, teaching staff, industrialists, company founders, salaried workers, local councillors and financiers network within a veritable community. It acts as a federating body for more than 260 members drawn from the worlds of business, research and higher education.
There are five locations for technology companies within the Rennes Atalante Science and Technology park: Beaulieu, Champeaux, Ker Lann, Saint-Malo and Villejean.
Last layout of the network, opening the ESGC&F Rennes meets several ambitions. Propose Breton lands certified Level I & II recognized by the State and registered in NCPR titles, develop strong partnerships with the business world in an attractive city, expand even further synergies with the four schools already installed.
Esir is an internal school at the University of Rennes 1 within the meaning of Article L713-9 of the Education Code, created on 1 September 2010 by ministerial decree dated 10 February 2010.
It incorporates thematic diploma Ifsic by deepening and adding new ones. Thus the automation and biomedical engineering in 2009 came expand the offer in the field of ICT, and materials engineering has been added to our offering in September 2011.
These all courses are accredited by the Commission for engineering qualifications.