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VOCYA Box Encoder

VOCYA Box Encoder is ready to use and dedicated to the live broadcast of your indoor events.

Vocya Box Encoder converts signals coming from the camcorder and the sound system and stream them directly to your VOCYA channel via the Internet. The box requires no configuration because it is remotely controled. The stream is sent only when it is required for previews or lives. Several boxes can be used in the same channel. In this case, the moderator can choose to publish, in real time, which ones must be published.

Features :

Very light, VOCYA Box Encoder is easily carried. It is fully remote controled and doesn't require a keyboard or a monitor even if they can be connected. Associated with your channel, simply connect it to the camcorder and sound system and the stream is automatically sent with the best quality according to the real bandwitch.

The moderator can preview the video and check the audio before starting the live broadcast. In addition to the live, the box locally records the stream in the best quality whatever the bandwith available is. So you keep a backup whatever the randomness of the live.

Technics :

VOCYA Box Encoder provides natively or through adpatators most of video and audio signals standards compatible with the the consumers or profesional audiovisual devices.

Video inputs : HDMI, SDI, Y/C, Component YPbPr, Composit AV, SVIDEO, RCA or BNC connectors.

Audio inputs : stereo balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA).

Video output : SVGA, DVI.

Video ratios 4/3 or 16/9. Resolution 720p

Bandwidth : scalable from 200kbps to 1Mbps,

Locally recorded files : flv H264/SPEEX.

Rates :

VOCYA Box Encoder can be purchased or rent per month or per event starting at 66€ per event, shipment not included.
In case of renting for an event, the box is shiped 3 days before the date and must be shiped back the day after.

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